How to treat HVAC at the turn of the seasons

Everyone is so excited for spring to be here and we are too! One thing we do like to do and recommend everything that you do a few things to get your home ready for the humidity and heat that is bound to come. We are outlining a few things you can do to get your home ready for spring involving your HVAC system.

Clean up outside around HVAC units and remove covers

After a long fall/winter season there is going to be an abundance of outdoor mess around your HVAC units including your heater and AC units. This can be a pile up of twigs, leaves, or anything that might have found its way near the units. Removing the cover on your AC is also a good idea once spring weather starts to become a more regular thing. 

Check and change filters as needed – Reme Halo LED

Changing the filter in your HVAC system should happen more than just this one time per year, but there isn’t a better time than right before a new season. This will get rid of all of the dust, pet hair, and miscellaneous allergens that might be sitting in the filter. 

Another thing we recommend is the Reme Halo LED air purifier. This attachable unit uses UV technology to kill any mold, bacteria, viruses, and more contaminants that are flowing through your HVAC system. This attachment will guarantee that you are always breathing clean air!

Inspect Ducts to see if they need cleaned

Spring cleaning often includes dusting, sanitizing, and getting rid of all of the things that may have become an issue during the winter. Your ducts are no exception. If there is an abundant amount of dust, allergens, or other contaminants it could significantly lower the quality of the air you breathe within your home.

Humidifier test

The Humidity levels in your home may have been less than ideal during a dry winter. They should typically be between 30-35% to breathe comfortably. The good news is that in the spring this shouldn’t be a problem, but getting your humidity levels to be where they need to be might take longer than you think. Testing your humidifier so that it can reach these levels will help you reach a comfortable level faster. 

Test runs are crucial

Running tests on all of your AC systems early is the best advice we could give because if something is wrong, you will catch it early on. This can potentially save a disaster from happening and you can live stress free in the summer when the heat and humidity truly kick in.  

Schedule a tune up

Scheduling a checkup/tune up with a trusted provider is also something we recommend. It goes along with catching problems early and avoiding major disasters. The best way is to know what you need and once you know everything is running smoothly, you can enjoy your spring and summer.

Living comfortably is a goal we have for all of our customers and following this list is key to doing that at the turn from winter to spring. You can always trust us to make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently and smoothly. Call us today for an inspection to avoid disasters and to live comfortably. 

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