Are HVAC Podcasts helpful to technicians

Gaining knowledge is always valuable for your industry, no matter which industry you’re in, but how helpful can podcasts be to learning on the job? It seems reasonable to have employees listening to industry relevant conversations while on the job and they might learn a thing or two that can help them be of better assistance to customers, or teaching new tricks to the rest of your team. The benefits can be high or small, but they’re keeping your team engaged and improving them every step of the way. We will be outlining a few HVAC podcasts that may be beneficial for your team to listen to while on the road or on their downtime. 

  1. HVAC School

With over 300 episodes this podcast is full of great information to help your team learn new tips and tricks. It is the most technical podcast in the industry and it is super helpful to new technicians or even veterans to keep up to date with new industry trends and products. They also interview experts to change the pace and to get different points of view on less talked about topics in the industry such as ductless systems. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify so it is rather easily accessible to you.

  1. HVAC 360

If you have been listening to HVAC podcasts this one is a change of pace from your average podcast. They talk about the commercial side of the industry/buildings, products and systems, what they are most compatible with and where the best use for different systems/products. With over 160 episodes there is something for everyone, but every episode might not be for you so make sure to pick and choose which one would be most valuable to you and your team. This is a widely available podcast found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher.

  1. HVAC Masters of the Hustle

This one is primarily for the higher-ups in your company such as managers and owners of your company. It will peak your interest because successful entrepreneurs in the HVAC industry will give you their success stories and tips and tricks that you may have never thought of before. There are over 50 episodes on Apple Podcasts so this one is a little more limited than our other options, but there is a lot of great information so we thought it is worth mentioning.

  1. HVAC Shop Talk

HVAC shop talk is a versatile podcast and Youtube show. The creator of the show, Zack Psioda, gives advice based on his own experiences with his company. He also gives business advice, training for employees and new tech within the industry, and interviews with other professionals and experts within the industry. This is a diverse podcast with around 100 episodes that has something for everyone in the industry from beginners to owners. This podcast and show can be found on Apple Podcasts and Youtube. 

All of these podcasts have something to offer to better your business so you and your team should be taking advantage of them! One goal that all companies have in common is to never stop improving and this is one small way to achieve that goal. Our list here is also not everything that is out there, so feel free to explore the world of HVAC podcasts to find something best for you and your team. 

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