Advice for New HVAC Technicians

After graduating from a trade school or learning the basics about HVAC systems you’re ready to get into the field, right? Well there’s a little more than knowledge about an HVAC system when it comes to being an HVAC technician. We are here today to help you learn small things that you might not know right away that will help you excel faster than the other newcomers to the HVAC technician field. 

Attention to detail

Taking pride in what you do should always be commended. Taking the time to make sure a job is done correctly and thoroughly is something that your boss and your customer will notice. It will also leave a lasting sense of accomplishment within yourself, but how can you do this? Other than making sure you diagnosed the problem and fixed it properly, communication is so important in this field. The first huge tip is to remember the customer’s name. This will, right away, make them trust you and your company more. Secondly, learn how to ask the right questions to diagnose the problem. Customers will often use similar words that might not be universally understood or mean the same thing so really putting yourself in their shoes is the best way to understand their problem. Some good questions to start with would be Where do you hear a problem? And How long has it been going on?

Once the customer has told you what the problem is, you should always have a process. It should start the same with every customer, no matter what problem they have described to you. It can be as simple as checking for proper voltage and to make sure the customer’s thermostat is working properly. This can help you prevent the problem from happening again or help you diagnose a problem much quicker. 

Know your company 

Another obvious thing that can be overlooked right away, because you’re taking in so much information at once is learning about your company. Not just learning names and routes, but becoming familiar with the products you carry along with how your company likes things to be done. This can be anything from communication within the company about what to do after a maintenance call, what to do if a customer isn’t home, or anything else that might surprise you. Communication within the company keeps a strong foundation and you’re a part of that now, so learn it and stick with it!

Leave it the way you found it

If you don’t have a designated company vehicle or wherever you may be working that day, always clean up after yourself! This can be overlooked after a long day out on the job, but this is so important. Nobody wants to go into work the next day to a messy and unorganized vehicle or work space. Cleaning up will also help you to learn where everything is by putting it back in the correct spot so know where everything is to familiarize yourself when you’re out on the job. Cleaning up will make you more organized and more efficient on the job. 

Never stop learning 

This is another obvious one that can get overlooked when you’re trying to learn a new environment, but this is also important. You should always be asking questions to those that have been there longer about how to be better at what you’re doing as a company. You can also take it upon yourself to learn more by reading new industry related articles as well as listening to HVAC podcasts while you’re out on the job. Every bit of knowledge that you can get is worth the time. 

With these tips, you will be a professional HVAC technician in no time! Learning more every day and taking pride in your work is always the key to success. Congratulations on your new position and remember to keep these tips in mind.

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