How To Get the Most Out Of Your Old Heating System

It’s officially December, which means homes around the country are firing-up their heaters for the first time in a year, and many homeowners may be feeling colder in their homes than they’d like to be. For better or for worse, there are many possible reasons why your home could be feeling colder than you’d like, and any number of them could be the culprit for your cold house. So if you’re considering getting a whole new heating system installed in your house, don’t––at least not yet––and first consider trying-out a few tricks before you decide to spend all the money on a new system. 

Get A New Thermostat

The first thing you can do to improve your heating system without buying a new one is to make your system smarter with a programmable thermostat. Requiring minimal installation, a programmable thermostat is a game changer for its ability to monitor your home’s temperature and its heating needs all on its own, saving you from wasting money heating an empty house. Some thermostats are even capable of being controlled remotely from a smartphone or computer. 

Change Your Filter 

As one of the most overlooked solutions to HVAC issues, changing the filter(s) on your system can help you in more ways than one. Changing your filter(s) can save you money by reducing strain on your heater, improve the heating and cooling in your house by improving your system’s airflow, and even benefit your health by cleaning out the debris and contaminants that may fill your filter.

Employ Your Ceiling Fan

If your ceiling fan only gathers dust during the winter, you’re not using it right! Every ceiling fan has a switch that allows you to change the direction of the airflow by reversing the fan’s direction. By flipping that switch, the fan will blow air upward and circulate the air in the room, forcing hot air trapped at the ceiling to flow throughout the room. 

Have Your Heater Professionally Serviced

If none of the above recommendations seem to help your system, you should have your heater professionally serviced. An HVAC technician will be able to diagnose whatever problem could be hampering your system and advise whether or not you ought to get a new system altogether.

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