Whether to Replace or Repair Your Furnace

As we approach winter and enter the colder months, we spend more time in our homes. And with the Covid-19 pandemic, our homes are truly our sanctuaries in a way they’ve never been before. It’s important this year, more than any other, to be confident that your heater/furnace can last you through the winter. So how do you know if your heater needs to be replaced or repaired? Here are a few tips.


A good rule of thumb to determine the health of your heater/furnace is to ask if the heater/furnace is older or younger than 15 years old. If younger than 15 years, you’ll probably be fine with just a repair. If older than 15 years, you should probably consider looking to replace it. This is because the average life expectancy of a furnace in homes today is between 16 and 20 years––and since you want to avoid needing to make a last-minute panic replacement, it’s smart to start thinking about replacing your furnace before it breaks down.


The second trick you can use to determine if your furnace needs to be replaced or repaired you can do yourself, by taking a look at your energy bill. Rising energy costs are not the only reason for high bills! Furnaces, whether properly maintained or not, will typically lose their efficiency as they age. As your bills continue to rise, you might think to yourself “What would my energy bills be if I had a new, efficient furnace?” You’ll likely come to the conclusion that you can save more money––and energy––by investing in a new furnace and paying less on each energy bill!

Aside from these two rules of thumb, there are several smaller cues to indicate that you may need to replace your furnace. For example, if the heat distribution in your home is extremely uneven, leaving some rooms too warm while others too cold, it may be time for a new furnace. Or, if you have a natural gas furnace and you notice its burner flame is yellow instead of blue, you may be creating and releasing poisonous carbon monoxide into your home––a definite reason to replace your furnace.

If you’re even a little bit unsure about the health of your furnace as we enter the winter, get it checked out by our professionals before it’s too late. You could save money, energy, and even a hassle if your furnace were to break down this winter!

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