Trust Thompson in Dealing with COVID-19

With the coronavirus still here, we all have to have a set of safe practices that include wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance away from other people. This can be difficult while working in an industry like the HVAC world. Coming into contact with customers is something that is inevitable, so how do we plan on staying safe? Today we want to outline how HVAC professionals can help keep themselves and others safe, what new technology/practices are doing to help, and what you, as the customer, can do to keep yourself safe now and in the future.

What We Are Doing

Wearing gloves and a face shield or mask is recommended, and wearing other personal protective equipment can be helpful when on the job like goggles, rubber boots, and an outer layer covering some or most of your body that will repel liquid and air contaminants. Coming into contact with the coronavirus can be more common in the HVAC world because the virus can settle in air ducts, vents, or even spread through contaminated air within a building or house. If you have to come into contact with an HVAC professional, make sure that you are also taking necessary precautions like wearing a mask, even if it is in your own home.

New Tech can Help the HVAC Industry

If you are an HVAC company, take some training courses to see how remote visits can help minimize contact with other people. If a customer can describe a problem remotely and if it is an easy fix, they may be able to solve the problem with some remote professional assistance. Staying on top of the latest remote “at home” visits can never hurt. If there is a remote diagnostic program and a technician determines that someone does need to be on site to fix the issue, the professional will already know what to expect when entering the home or building. This will allow them to reduce the time that they are there, and potentially limit contact. Another important thing to remember if you are a professional in the field is to respect and understand what a customer wants. This is a frustrating time for everyone, and many people will have questions regarding precautions or what can help stop the spread of the virus within their home. Explaining to them what they can do will help them understand and stay calm.

What Can We All Do?

While the HVAC professionals are doing everything that they can to help stop the spread of the virus, we can all take an extra step to help everyone. First, if a technician does have to come to you, wear a mask in front of them and always keep a safe distance. Our own homes are considered a safe space, but there is always a risk. Second, when the technician leaves, try to sanitize the area they worked in.

Studies have shown that the virus can spread through heating and cooling systems, which many homeowners and building managers need to be aware of. This can be alarming to hear considering the amount of time spent inside working from home or staying cool in the air conditioning.

While coronavirus is the current concern, it is not the only harmful contaminant potentially living in your ducts. Getting your ducts thoroughly cleaned can help eliminate any contaminant that may harm you or your family. Cleaning your ducts often may not be the most feasible way to stop the spread of any contaminant, including the coronavirus, but we have another solution that might fit your needs a little better: the Reme Halo LED air purifier. This attachment can be installed out of sight onto an air duct. Any air that passes through the purifier will instantly be cleaned and all contaminants will be destroyed, including the coronavirus. This will ensure that you and your family are safe during the pandemic as well as when other contaminants are traveling through the air, like flu season. Call us today to ask about the Reme Halo LED air purifier or any other services to help stop the spread of air contaminants!

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