COVID-19 HVAC Recommendations

As our country begins the process to slowly reopen, we must all do what is in our control to continue preventing the spread of COVID-19. Most of the tips outlined by the CDC include staying six feet apart, wearing a mask, and just generally following stay at home orders. But with the country planning to open, building owners with the potential to be heavily occupied, may be able to prepare their buildings so that they are more suitable for reopening. Here are valuable HVAC tips for business owners and what they can do to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


Change your ventilation system to outside air intake which helps the air flow in and out of your building. If someone unknowingly has the virus and comes into your building, the air will constantly be flowing rather than keeping the same air lingering constantly.

You should also check and clean outside air intake grills. This will ensure the air being filtered into your building is clean and infection free.

It is also a good idea to keep system fans running longer. This is an easy way for circulation to continue throughout your building and to keep potentially infected air moving out of your building.

You can enable remote monitoring of your building. This is something simple to keep monitoring your air system and can be done through a smartphone app. It allows you to monitor fan systems, air intake, temperature and more.


Studies have shown that the coronavirus does not like humid areas which is good because humidity is something you can control in your building. Recent studies have shown that if humidity levels are above 43% in a building, the chances of the virus spreading are cut by 75%. Monitor your building’s humidity levels and add more moisture to the air if needed.
If your building does have a humidifier, make sure the unit is inspected and cleaned before using it at a high rate which is most beneficial now. Once the unit is inspected and clean, set it to around 45%.

If your building does not have a humidifier, they can easily be purchased or rented for single space areas that have a higher rate of becoming crowded and spreading COVID-19 is more likely to happen.


Checking your central air filter is key to making sure the unit is running properly so your building gets the necessary circulation and filtration of clean air. This can be achieved by checking the filter or upgrading to a filter that can withstand the amounts of humidity that will be going through the filter into your building.

All of these tips are key to making sure your building is a safe place during the reopening of our country. You can Trust Thompson to make sure we are giving you the proper information as well as the best service to make sure you and your families are safe and comfortable.

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